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FPSC takes Tests for Several Posts throughout the year. The recruitment process is a little bit lengthy, but very clean and entirely on merit.

Successful candidates could be appointed/posted anywhere in Pakistan.

The eligibility for the Posts is clearly mentioned in Job Advertisement issued by FPSC through Daily News Papers and also available on website.

In this article, we will cover the FPSC MCQS test for Custom Inspectors.


__________ the gun down carefully.

A. Put
B. Putted
C. Been putting
D. To put

The main problem Jim ________ to many parking tickets.

A. Will have been
B. Were
C. Will have
D. was

On Wednesday,Jamal and Jennifer were called to the principal’s office and praised for helping a student who _______ on the Icy sidewalk.

A. Falls
B. Would fall
C. Has fallen
D. Had fallen

4-The people who bought this old lamp at the auction___________foolish.

C. Is
D. Has been

5-The little boy_________himself down on the floor and threw a tantrum.

A. Flings
B. Flinged
C. Flung
D. Fling

6-There ___________ there different ways to make perfect pie crust

A. Is       B. Are
C. Was
D. Being

7-The noise from all the aeroplanes____________ louder in the afternoon.

A. Gets
B. Get
C.Have gotten
D.Are getting

8-I___________the speech you gave last Thursday night, but I was in bed with the flu.

A. Will have heard
B.Would hear
C.Might hear
D.Would have heard

9-In many popular movies today,the heroes are __________ armed than the villains.

A. More heavily
B.More heavy
D.More heavier

10-That fine circus elephant now belongs to my sister and__________________.

A. I
B. Me

11-For a wide variety of different reasons,more and more people are makingthe choice to take public transportation.

A. For a wide variety of different reasons,more and more people
B.For a variety of many reasons,much more people
C.For a number of reasons,more people
D. More people,for various different reasons

12-When two angles have the same degree measure,it is said to be congruent.

A. When two angles have the same degree measure,it is to be congruent.
B.When two angles has the same degree measure,it is to be congruent.
C. Two angles with the same degree measure is said to be congruent.
D.When two angles have the same degree measure, they are said to be congruent.

13-The likelihood of a region”s experiencing an earthquake can be estimated, earthquake cannot be accurately predicted.

A.The likelihood
B.Although the likelihood
C.Since the likelihood
D. In fact, the likelihood

14-The Friendship between Andre and Robert began when he and his family moved to Ohio.

A.The friendship between Andre and Robert began when he and his
B. Andre and Robert”s friendship began when he and his
C.The friendship among the two boys began when he and his
D.The friendship between Andre and Robert began when Robert and his

15-Most of a human tooth is made up of a substance know as dentin,which is located directly below the enamel.

A. Dentin,which is located
B. Dentin,and which is located
C.Dentin but located
D.Which it is located

16-To determine the speed of automobiles ,radar is often used by the state police.

A. To determine the speed of automobiles, radar is often used by the state police
B.To determine the speed of automobiles,it is often necessary for the state police to use radar.
C.In determining the speed of automobiles,the use  of radar  by stale police is often employed
D.To determine the speed of automobiles,the stale police often use radar.

17-Everyone signed the petition before submitting to the city counsel.

A. Submitting
B.One submits it
C. You submit it
D.We submitted it

18-I have a cross-training exercise program: I Swim laps, play tennis, the weight machines and bicycle riding.

A. I Swim laps,play tennis, the weight machines,and bicycle riding.
B.I Swim laps,play tennis,lift weights,and ride  a bicycle.
C. I Swim laps,play tennis.I lift weights, and bicycle riding is a change.
D. Swimming laps,tennis, lifting weights,and the bicycle.

19-Jackson pollack, a twentieth-century American painter,is well-known and renowned for creating abstract paintings by dripping paint on canvas.

A.  A twentieth-century American painter,is well- known and renowned for creating
B.An American painter who lived and painted  in the twentieth century,is well-known for the creation of
C. Renowned and prominent,was know as a twentieth century American painter for creating
D. A twentieth-century American painter,is famous for creating

20-We all arrived at the theater on time,but before we bought our tickets, candace says that she’s changed her mind and doesn’t want to see the move after all.

A. Says that she’s changed her mind and doesn’t
B. Said that she had changed her mind and didn’t
C. Is saying that she’d changed her mind and doesn’t
D.Told us that she is changing her mind and didn’t

21-Twelve men take 6 hours to finish a piece of work. After the 12 men have worked for 1 hour,the boss calls in 8 more men. How many more hours would 20 men take to complete remaining work?

A. 3       B. 5       C. 2      D.4

22-A Person can do a work in 10 days but another can do it in 15 days. In how many days,they will complete task if work together?

A. 5
B. 3

23-The speed of the train going from Nagpur to Allahabad is 100 km/h while when coming back from Allahabad to Nagpur,its speed is 150 km/h.Find the average speed during whole journey.

A. 125 km/hr    B.75 km/hr    C.135 km/hr    D. 120 km/hr

24-The average of a group of men is increased by 5 years when a person aged of 18 years is replaced by a new person  of aged 38 years. How many men are there in the group?

A. 3                   B. 4               C.5                   D. 6

25-A Person paid 2% commission to the property dealer when lie bought a land worth Rs.6 core and 75 lakhs. What is the amount of commission paid?

A.  Rs 1350000        B. Rs 1450000       C.1550000            D. 1250000

26-Arif, Hafiz and Haider share Rs.2560. Hafiz’s share is four times sis much as Arif’s and Arif’s share is one-third of haider’s how much is the share of Arif?

A.Rs 320          B. Rs 300                       C. Rs 310              D. None of these

27-Five years ago, the average age of A, B, C and D was 45 years, with E joining them now,the average of  all the five is 49 years. How old is E?

A. 25 years       B. 40 years                   C. 45 years          D.  64 years

28-The width of a rectangle is twice the size of its length. The length is increased by 30% and width is increased by 20%,What will be the percentage change in the area of  rectangle?

A. 4.51              B. 3.87                         C.5.11                   D. None of these

29-If the 10% of daily wagers were fired while 540 workers survived,how many workers were originally there?

A.  700              B.  650                         C.580                    D. 600

30-If 11 students in a team have respective weights of 46 kg,47 kg,45.5 kg, 46.5 kg, 50 kg, 47 kg, 48 kg,47.5 kg, 46 kg and 47.5 kg,what will be the average weight in the team?

A.  48.27 kg      B. 49.27 kg                   C. 47.27 kg          D. 46.27 kg

31-The price of one Egg is Rs 5  and in a tray about 30 Eggs can be placed.what will be the price of 7 trays of eggs?

A. Rs 850          B. Rs 950                      C. Rs 1050            D. None of these

32-A retailer bought a product from producer for Rs 300 and paid sales tax of 15% and sold the product to customer for Rs 410 calculate the profit.

A. Rs 65           B. Rs 55                        C. Rs 60                 D. Rs 50

33-If a motorbike is sold for Rs 60000 and the profit was 18%,what would be the percentage of profit if vehicle was sold for Rs 55000?

A. 8.1%            B. 7.3%                         C. 6.9%                  D. 6.5%

34-The circumference of circle is divided into ______ degrees.

A. 180               B. 360                           C. 270                   D. 30

35-An angle is =90 degree is called.

 A. Right angel    B. Obtuse angle    C. acute angle      D. None of these

36-A school has only 4 classes that contain 10,20,30 and forty students respectively. The pas percentage of these classes are 20%,30%,60% and 100% respectively.Find the past percentage of the entire school?

A. 56%               B. 76%                          C. 34%                   D. 66%

37-If a set of three numbers,the average of first two number is 2 the average of the last two number is 3 and the average of first and the last number is 4.what is the average of the three numbers

A. 2                     B. 3                              C. 2.5                     D. 3.5

38-The average of first five multiplies of three is:

A. 9                    B. 10                            C. 8                         D. 11

39-If the age of Irfan’s father is three times more than that of Irfan’s and the sum of ages (in years) of both people is equal to the perfect square of 8,Then what will be the age of Irfan?

A. 18 years          B. 17 years                  C. 16 years            D. 24 years

40-Solve the following equation for the value of X. 2x+4y=11,x+y=4.

A. 1                      B. 3                            C. 2                         D. 0.5

41-Pakistan has become non-permanent member of security council for:

A. 4 times       B. 2 times        C. 3 times      D. 6 times

42-The first constructed barrage of Pakistan is:

A. Jinnah        B. Sukkur       C. Taunsa        D. None of these

43-Who was the first Viceroy of India?

A. Lord Rippon     B. Lord Canning      C. Lord Curzon     D. None of these

44-East india co. was established in:

A. 1603           B. 1602           C. 1600           D. None of these

45-Asian development bank was established in:

A. 1964           B. 1966          C. 1968            D. 1960

46-The HQ of Asian development bank is in:

A. Tokyo         B. Maila          C. Bangkok     D. jakarta

47-Pakistan left CENTO in:

A. 1971           B. 1975            C. 1979          D. 1977   ‘

48-Former US vice president Al-gorey has won Nobel peace prize in 2007 for his campaign against:

A. Child labor    B. Human rights violation     C. Global warming    D. none of these

49-The first president of US who made an official visit to Pakistan was:

A. Richard nixon     B. D. Eesenhower      C. Lyndon      D. None of these

50-Who was the three statemen who formulated non-alighned movement?

A. Gandhi,Naseer,Tito      B. Nehru,Naseer,Tito     C. Chu in li,bhutto,nehru

D. Sokerno,naseer,tito

51-The author of “The spirit of Islam” is:

A. Sir Syed     B. Syed Ameer Ali      C. Allama Iqbal     D. Safdar Mehmood

52-In which month does the UN general assembly usually met every year?

A. January    B. September     C. March      D. April

53-Who is the Governor of state bank of Pakistan?

A. Shamshad Akhtar     B. Yasin Anwar      C. Ashraf Mehmood     D. Zahid Hussain

54-Mac Mohan line is frontier line b/w:

A. Pak & India     B. Pak-Afghan        C. Pak,India-Bangladesh      D. India-China

55-Which of the following countries does not have a written constitution?

  A. UK     B. USA      C. Russia    D. France

56-When was the magna-carta was signed by the king John of England?

A. 1217    B. 1215    C. 1066       D. 1212

57-A democratic govt is based on:

A. majority rights & minority rules       B. Minority rights & majority rules

C. Majority rules                                 D. minority rights

58-The treaty on accession of he republic of Crimea to Russia was signed on:

A. 18th feb 2014             B. 18th march 2014        C. 24th Feb 2014    D. None of these

59-Secretary general UNO Bank-ki-moon belongs to:

  A. S korea         B. N Korea        C. Japan       D. China

60-Along which coast of India is 45 day long ban on fishing was imposed from the midnight on 14 april 2014?

 A. East coast      B. West coast      C. Both A &B         D. Along the coast of A & N islands

61-Who was the first president of constituent assembly?

A. Liaquat Ali khan        B. Quaid e Azam 

C. Molvi Tamizzudin      D. Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar

62-How many years did Pakistan get its first constitution:

A. 5                 B 7                  C    9                  D None of these

63-What document was firstly drafted to give pace to constitution making process

A. Representative act     B. Pakistan act

C independence act       D. objective resolution

64-When the constituent assembly passed the objective resolution:

A. 14 Feb 1949                b.   12. march 1949

c.   9 June 1949               d. 15 august 1949

65-When Muhammad Ali Bogra presented Bogra formula in assembly?

A. Jan 1953        B. April 1953        C. Sep 1953       d. Oct 1953

66-What is the other name of Muhammad Ali Bogra formula?

A. new law of Pakistan       b. Pakistan report      c. third report

d. constitutional formula

67-When first constitution of Pakistan was enforced :

A. 8 jun 1956             B. 23 March 1956               C. 14 Aug 1965      D. none of these

68-Who was the PM of Pakistan during enforcement of first constitution?

A. m. Ali Bogra    B . KH Nazimuddin           C. Ch Muhammad Ali 

D II Chundrigar

69-What official name was given to Pakistan in 1956 constitution?

A. United States of Pakistan             B. Republic of Pakistan

C. Islamic Pakistan                            D. Islamic republic of Pakistan

70-What age was prescribed for president in 1956 constitution:

A. 40 yeas                 B. 45 years                      C. 50 years                D. 55 years

71-What was the name of Imam Bukhari RE:

A. Muhammad bin Ismail        B. Muhammad Ismail 

C. Muhammad Ibrahim           D. Ismail bin Ibrahim

72-Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had _______ sons:

A. 1                             B. 2                       C.3                               D. 4

73-Whats was the relation b/w Prophet Musa and Haroon?

A. Prophet Musa was father                   B. Pophet Haroon was father

C. Brothers                                             D. Cousin

74-In  the scarlegious war when Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) was 20 years of age Quraish and their allies were led by:

A. Abu jehel            B. Abu lahab              C. Ummaya Bin khalaf

D. Harb bin Ummaya

75-To what Prophet the Zaboor was revealed?

A. Ibraheem (AS)     B. Dawood (AS)          C. Musa(AS)         D. Isaa(AS)

76-To what Prophet the Injeel was revealed?

A. Ibraheem (AS)     B. Dawood (AS)          C. Musa(AS)         D. Issa (AS)

77-What compnion of Prophet Muhammad was awarded with the title of “The Sword of Islam”?

A. Abu Bakr (RA)     B. Umar Faruq(RA)    C. Hazrat Ali(RA)      D. Khalid bin Waleed (RA)

78-What companion of Prophet Muhammad was awarded with the title of “Lion f Allah”?

A. Abu Bakr (RA)     B. Umar Faruq(RA)     C. Hazrat Ali(RA)      D. Khalid bin Waleed (RA)

79-Prophet Muhammad belonged to ______ family.

 A. Hashmi         B. Quraishi          C. Makki         D. Madni

80-The color of first Islamic flag?

A. White      B. Black        C. white&black        D. Green

81-Person with blood group are considered to be universal recipient:

A. A+      B. B+            C. O+        D. None of these

82-Which is more elastic?

    A. Steel     B. Rubber         C. Gas         D. None of these

83-The name of common mineral salt present in sweat is:

A. Calcium oxalte      B. Potassium sulfate   C. sodium chloride    D. None of these

84-Sensitive layer of Eye is:

A. Choriods      B. Sclerotic       C. Retina         D. None of these

85-Diamond is very expensive ornament.it is composed of a single element:

 A. Carbon        B. Gold          C. Silver        D. None of these

86-Dr. Abdul Salam of Pakistan was one of the contributor of the unification of:

A. Electromegnatic force and Gravitational force
B. Electromegnatic force and weak nuclear force
C. Gravitational force and weak nuclear force
D. none of these

87-Which triplet in DNA codes for Valine?

A. CTT     B. AGU          C. CAT      D. None of these

88-The number of spark plugs needed in diesel engine is:

A.2     B. 3       C. 0       D. 4

89-Which of the following is not a part of Darwinism?

A. over production      B. natural selection     C. inheritance for acquired character

D. none of these

90-Role of biotechnology in the production of food based on:

A. Decomposition        B. Respiration     C. Digestion         D. None of these

91-Who propose the concept” All motion is relative”

A. Albert Einstein      B. Isac Newton      C. Galilio       D. Alferd mohan

92-The sunlight can reach a depth of how many meters in the ocean?

A. 100       B. 80      C. 120        D. none of these

93-The biggest species of the cat families:

A. Tiger         B. Lion             C. Leopard        D. none of these

94-The chamical name of Quartz is:

A. Siliocon dioxide        B. Stannous oxide    C. Aluminium oxide       D. None of these

95-Deuterium differs from hydrogen in having:

A. Different atomic numbers but same atomic weight
B. Different atomic numbers but different atomic weight
C. Same atomic numbers but different atomic weight
D. None of these

96-Equator passes through one of these countries:

A. KSA       B. Italy       C. Japan        D. None of these

97-Atom is made up of how many different kind sub atomic particles?

A. 3          B. 2          C. 4     D. none of these

98-Vacuum tube have been replaced by:

A. conductors       B. Transistors        C. Diodes         D. None of these

99-Light year is associated with

A. Time         B. Frequency     C. Distance          D. None of these

100-Omer khayam was a:

A. Poet       B. Mathematician         C. Astronaut        D. All of these

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